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Are you free next Saturday, September 8th around 3pm? It’s projected to be a high 70’s partly cloudy day and we’re taking our casual Portland gathering outside! Down the Orange line to the Milwaukie/Main Stop, at Milwaukie Riverfront in a cozy & quaint riverside styled environment is where we’ll be. What the heck do I mean by a “styled environment”? Keep reading! WHERE & WHEN 3-6 PM. Milwaukie Riverfront Park:11211 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97222. Tucked in over to the south, through the small little parking lot following the path into the trees along the water. Parking is limited, although free, but there is a small parking lot when you pull into the “Kellog creek water” area. Over off to by the boat ramp, and if you need – across the street by the Max station and surrounding areas. FREE 2 hour limit in those areas.  (If you need help…

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