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The Daydream Agency (TDA) is founded by CEO Sami Sattva, after her life-long experience and fascination with the arts, connecting people, and her involvement with the realm of hospitality for 20 years.

Our foundation is built on her experience working with big & small names along the west coast and internationally within the food and beverage, entertainment, and hospitality industries where her primary role has always been traditional meets modern marketing, creative branding, and media production. Begin browsing our services below.

our purpose

It’s simple: Guide businesses through their development in bringing their brand to life, and assist in executing that. The Daydream Agency enhances the act of daydreaming by doing so strategically, and with purpose which allows for creative branding to unveil. Learn more about our strategy services below.

“Modern branding in 2021 is calculated by your Brand as a whole, including your imagery, your messaging, your market position, your content, and its strategy. We assist in all aspects of this development.”

- Sami Sattva


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During such a wild time like the COVID-19 Pandemic, we fully understand the need to either shift your business’s vision, revamp your image, or simply need Strategic consulting. As a growing Agency, we have room for you and your needs. Let’s talk today. 


to summer ft.

Fellowship of the Grill is one of our partners! Our CEO is part owner. FoTG is a community for grill lovers and food enthusiasts, and it is HIGHLY active! They’re launching a tournament style cook-off event that’s fun, casual, and safely executed in the comfort of your own home.

The cook-off consists of “Grillers” who participate in cooking challenges on a deadline using pre-determined products to incorporate, then have the community vote on Instagram. 

Can’t participate right now? Be a voter, and earn your chance at some amazing grilling accessories with the giveaways!

Applications close April 15th, 2021. No entry cost. Learn more by clicking over!

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