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brand strategy

Whether you’re just looking for a single session for help on a concept, identify goals, or a short-term marketing project, our strategy sessions are highly effective and guaranteed to yield results. 

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

strategy info

No matter what stage you're at in business, there will always be a time where strategy is needed. Marketing plans need it to be effective as does any path to brand growth.

Our strategy methods are based on a combination of consumer psychology, your goals within your respective industry, and growth techniques to determine where you’re stuck, what you’re missing, or simply put you into new perspective on how to create road maps. 

"For 23 years, the CEO of The Daydream agency has been on the ground and activating brands creatively across the west coast since before marketing had its digital shift. Marketing is all strategy, never forget that."

tasting rooms & CPG beverages

We’re blessed to live in the Oregon Wine Country and be close to Washington State wineries, but there are thousands of them for consumers to choose from. Stand out, strategy will help pinpoint who exactly you want to attract, and what you want to offer. 

Hospitality concepts

Owning a restaurant or catering service doesn’t always run itself. The people won’t just magically keep coming, they must have reason and you’ve got to be consistent. Identify those reasons through strategy and creative development.

Brand experiences

Do you manage a hotel, Airbnb, or create experiences within the hospitality sector? This is for you! Creating plans to best reach your audience is the next step in launching your growth. 


Do you operate a business outside of the above mentioned industries? That's okay! While we have our primary lanes we know best, we have also worked with business within the industries of:
Spa, Alternative Medicine, Fitness, Agriculture where strategy can still be applied.

having a strategist today, can make all the difference tomorrow.

Here at The Daydream Agency, we put Strategy first. Without it, it seems like plans have no real foundation. While you might not be able to have an in-house Strategist on your team, or already have an in-house marketing team, hiring a credible third-party strategist to conduct these sessions are effective, low-commitment, and will enhance your current teams’ abilities. 

No long-term contracts needed here, (although we prefer long-term relationships!). 

strategy sessions

1. set a time

Syncing our schedules to identify a 2 hour window where you’ll be free of disruptions. We’ll also ask for you to have at least Three Days  to prepare. 

2. Prepare

Three days prior to our session we’ll send you a guide to mentally prepare you about what we’ll talk about. It’ll either be a sample agenda, or questions relating to what we might be asking.

3. Meet for Session

It’s preferable to be done in-person, but we’ll accommodate a Zoom call if necessary. We ask no more than 2 people from your team attend.

4. Two hour sessions

Your strategist will guide you through our custom pre-determined agenda based on your chosen topic. You needn’t bring anything other than a notepad and any branding docs necessary for us to see. 

5. Following Up

We’ll follow up within 24 hours with a PDF of the questions and answers discussed, along with any applicable Zoom recordings. If you haven’t scheduled your next session, we’ll do so here or in Step 4. 

6. Deliverables

During the session you’ll likely to have identified some deliverables to execute on your end. Take these to your team, or enlist in our services that help with execution. 

Per Project

  • Based on a 10-hr project
  • Hire a consultant for a specific reason, marketing campaign, concept development, brand strategy, etc.

single session

$300 to $400
  • One 2-hr session
  • Individual sessions for one-off consulting. Ask about our discounted multi-packs
  • Cost depends on size of company.


  • Your on-call strategist to cash in on when the company needs it. Via phone, in-person, email.
  • 2 Month minimum, month to month available beyond that.

3-pack sessions



This 3-pack allows you to have 3 sessions at any time you want within the year you purchase. Whether you want to discuss 3 related or different topics, or 1 topic over 3 phases of development, the choice is yours. 

If you’re in the business of saving, and prefer bulk buys, this is for you. A single session is $300 to $400 on its own. 

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