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The name may be new, but our experience is 15 years old. 

Welcome to Daydream.

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The Daydream Agency is founded by Sami Sattva and is technically a reiteration of Lambda Lion Group. Daydream embodies the deep creative thought and strategies behind its approach. We’re boutique in team size with a steady 15 clients to stay 1:1 with you. 

Based in Portland, Oregon with a heavy focus on partnering with PNW businesses, Daydream accommodates a full-service branding need, from ideation to execution offering services within Brand Design, Brand Visuals, Brand Strategy, and Production. 

about the founder

Sami Sattva

“Hola, to all visiting this page. I’m truly grateful for having you stop by! I’m a Portland transplant, coming from primarily the Southwest United States. Scottsdale is where I call home, but I’m a nature girl at heart living her best life in the great outdoors.

The year 2020 marks 20 years of being in the Food and Beverage industry! I know, you’re probably thinking how old is this girl? I’m 34, and proud of where I’ve been over the years. I’m blessed to have had the drive and willingness to learn every facet of the marketing and hospitality industry enough to become a young entrepreneur. I got in at 14 and never left. It’s my happy place, and now I’m able to view situations, business, and audiences from a very wide lens.

I wouldn’t be here without a strong support system! From my family, to my partners, to my team, I’m a collaborative individual and work best in teams – extracting vision and encouraging others to embark on theirs. 

Design, Strategy, and Bringing people together are my gifts! Catch me at the local yoga studio, the spa, networking, the wine country, or out with my camera. Don’t forget to say hi!


Our Experience

We take a more modern and lifestyle approach to commercial photography. We’ll take brands and product and put them in a candid environment that convey a genuine, real message. We have diverse models in-house if a project calls for human elements, preferred studio spaces that we support, and will help the entire process from strategizing to sourcing locations. If you’re looking for a basic product studio shoot, we can do that, too. 

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We can accommodate just about any design project needed. From minimal logos, to website design and development, to a full brand identity package, print or digital collateral, and more. 

Daydream is all about the strategy. Strategy is where real work is put into place in practical form. We’ll work with you on brand strategy and how it connects with your ideal customer, to marketing strategy by creating plans to roll-out over time. If you’re looking for a quick route to success that cuts corners with unrealistic expectations, we’re not the brand for you. Building a brand takes time + tactful moves, and nothing in life should be rushed. 

Looking for a more traditional grassroots, organic approach to marketing? Daydream is your source! Traditional marketing will always trump any sort of digital method in terms of real connection. We predict that marketing in 2020+ will come back to its roots, with real life engagement.

If you looking to reach your audience on a more engage level, or desire more consistent events to have in your brick & mortar, let’s talk. We’ve got over 10 years in event production experience from small winemaker dinners, to large scale market events or tradeshows. 

As much as we like to focus on traditional approaches, we mustn’t leave out the digital space. In today’s world a brand must be relevant, up to date with modern messaging and know how to also connect with your ideal audience by giving them what they want. 

Now that, that is all relative and looks different from brand to brand. While there are some blanket strategies we apply across the board, we highly encourage you to engage in a custom plan. So let’s talk about your needs!


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