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Sip, Sounds, & Shoot! A Casually Styled PDX Gathering

Sip, Sounds, & Shoot! A Casually Styled PDX Gathering

A casual portland networking event by lambda lion
Are you free next Saturday, September 8th around 3pm? It’s projected to be a high 70’s partly cloudy day and we’re taking our casual Portland gathering outside! Down the Orange line to the Milwaukie/Main Stop, at Milwaukie Riverfront in a cozy & quaint riverside styled environment is where we’ll be. What the heck do I mean by a “styled environment”? Keep reading!


3-6 PM. Milwaukie Riverfront Park:11211 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97222. Tucked in over to the south, through the small little parking lot following the path into the trees along the water. Parking is limited, although free, but there is a small parking lot when you pull into the “Kellog creek water” area. Over off to by the boat ramp, and if you need – across the street by the Max station and surrounding areas.
FREE 2 hour limit in those areas.  (If you need help unloading something, please text Sami before the day of event so we can ensure you get the help you need the day of). There is one bathroom facility on site in the main parking lot area.


This will serve a dual purpose:

  1. A casual get together to enjoy life with friends, family, furbabies, & creatives with an array of food and beverage in a quaint outdoor area on the water!
  2. A styled environment for photographers, vendors, models (and similar) that’s “photo ready” and a place where vendors can authentically showcase their products to potential consumers.


Lambda Lion’s Sami Sattva and Samantha Williams of Wanderlove Bliss Events. Sponsored by Jasmine’s Juicebar Cocktails, Snacktivist Foods, and Driftwest Water Kefir sampling Spiked Juices (Jasmine’s Juicebar Cocktails), Vegan Brownies (Snacktivist Foods), and Bubbly water kefir (Driftwest Water Kefir)


Here is my Pinterest board to get an idea of what to expect: 
When I say all are welcome, I mean it. Anyone, friends, obedient dogs and kiddos if it won’t be stressful for you to watch them around vendors items and to not spill food/beverage. (As in, you want to be here but can’t find childcare sort of thing).


  • I am asking everyone bring something to contribute towards f&b, or aesthetic style – even if it’s just some cheese and crackers or something.
  • It is not meant to be overdone, simply because I want people to have (and utilize) the chance to talk, hang out, eat, sip, listen to some music, take photos in the right moment, enjoy a non-traditional approach to a lifestyle event, and have friends there that aren’t “photographers/models etc” ^_^
  • It will be a picnic style potluck with Delectable food and beverages, (think wine, bubbles, sparkling water, cheese an charcuterie boards with a few desserts, etc).
  • It’s next to the orange line, across the street from it.
  • There will be some low key music, girl/friend time (although ALL are welcome), open to whoever wants to be in the comfort of other good vibes, lots of picnic baskets, blankets, photographers, models, and friends, etc!
  • Pet & Kid friendly too, but PLEASE be mindful that there will be things that can be spilled, so leashed & obedient at all times is mandatory
  • I would love to have a MINIMAL amount of plastic, but I know it’s not completely avoidable.


Since this is a potluck style, I would love if you could contribute towards Food and Beverage, but if you can’t – perhaps something to contribute towards the aesthetic style to make our photos extra cute! Below is a list of items we’re looking to have:

  • Sparkling waters in glass bottles, juices, etc
  • Fruit & Veggie trays on a cute plate or plain white dishes (just something other than plastic trays lol)
  • Bagels, croissants, bread loafs with any sort of spread!
  • Cheeses, Crackers, Dips of any kind
  • Napkins, mini paper plates, dishes, linens, cutlery
  • Hummus, pita bread, herbs
  • Brewed tea, teacups, brewed chilled coffee
  • Charcuterie, meat boards, gourmet plates
  • Macaroons, mini cupcakes, cute cookies, similar
  • Canned beverages (sangria, rose, NA drinks, etc)
  • Wine & mini clear plastic cups
  • Mason Jars (any size) mostly for sampling
  • Plaid anything
  • Blankets, baskets, throw pillows, tarps, cooler, cushions
  • Serving trays, cutting boards, tile or wood planks
  • Flowers (fake or real)
  • Instruments if you want to play ^_^
  • Earth-toned balloons

Message me if you are unsure about something you want to bring! ♥

Please, RSVP if you plan on coming (esp if you can photograph or are a vendor!), and if you have any questions on what to bring – please feel free to message me!, or on Facebook Messenger

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