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Why You Should Choose A Boutique Agency over a Large One

Why You Should Choose A Boutique Agency over a Large One

Why You Should Choose Boutique Agency Over a Large One

As one ourselves, it’s worthy to note the differences between the two, the distinct benefits, and the styles. If you care at all about communication and being collaborative with the people you work with, oh and … saving money – you might want to highly consider going small.

Today we’ll go into detail about the two types of firms and what we offer here at Lambda Lion. Before I go into detail, there’s just one thing I’d like to add: we’ve discovered that our boutique is a definitely pushing the limits on what boutique agencies offer in 2018. Nothing is ever just black and white to us, you better believe we’re throwin’ in some color. 

What is a boutique agency?

Allow me to first tell you what it is not. It’s not the 100,000 square foot office building in the west hills offering game rooms and full service bars with boujee cubicles employing dozens of account executives and designers. (Although, we are still pretty hip but we will likely never want to be like that).

Beyond [significant] markup, larger retainers, larger costs, overpaid employees and less flexible in structure … lies the boutique agency. 

The boutique agency is considered to be more humanized, interactive, more collaborative, hands-on, dynamic in flexibility, less employee turnover, passionate for the work an the people, though *stereotypically* tends to be limited in offerings. 

Lambda Lion is proud to say we’re full-service and proactively trajectory driven, yet still boutique. Yep, well-rounded is something we take great satisfaction in by offering a multi-disciplinary assortment of content creation. From design, to photography, to branding videos, to strategic marketing and partnerships. On top of that, I’m almost certain you’ll save somewhere around 30-50% on fees while yielding a higher level of quality and a less painful process. 

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How times have changed. We are Lambda lion

Once upon a time the large agencies represented fortune 500 companies, the middle tier firms were representing the middle ground of brands who couldn’t afford large marketing budgets, and the boutique agencies were representing the startups and small businesses or modest local companies with modest PR ambitions, “but that has all changed”. I once read that and I couldn’t agree with it more. 

“A boutique agency is going to be more nimble, more adaptable, more cost-efficient, and likely to move more quickly.” Being full-service, we can offer any solopreneur or brand a full spectrum of creative branding and marketing whether your are just beginning your business or are stagnant and seeking that next level. Take a peek at our services here

The digital age we live in is now in our favor, and the boutique agencies are given opportunities we once didn’t have.
Here are some of our acclaimed qualities, just to name a few:

  • We invest in relationship building.
  • We are nimble. We are adaptable.
  • Communications, Creativity, Marketing, & Badassery are our second nature. Period.
  • We relate to millennials and can still attract Gen X.
  • Our PR initiatives are creative. We’re practically sorcerers.
  • We’re mixing traditional with modern modalities
  • We don’t have revolving account executives
  • We are full-service. We have zero limits (okay except maybe capital)
  • We have a semi-limited client list, but wouldn’t that make you feel special?
  • Very low over-head costs
  • We’re transparent from the start
  • A stock photo? What. No.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, it truly depends on your needs of the campaign and resources available. Large agencies have their advantages and most certainly will have more man-power than a boutique, but there are some sacrifices that you’ll need to make. Don’t get it twisted, we’re not desperate by any means – we have passed up several opportunities simply because they didn’t align with our values. We’re the marines, they’re the army – point blank.

At any rate, take the time to get to know the person you’ll be working with (and ultimately handing over your hard earned dollars to) to best choose who will understand and tackle your needs better. 


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