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We have something very special to announce, a couple of things actually – and one of them is that we are going to Bali, for the Spring of 2019 yoga retreat with Namaste on Williams and Jill Knouse for 7 nights at Soulshine! There are still some openings left, if you are interested in joining – keep reading for the details along with finding out our upcoming project with local Portland yoga studio, Namaste on Williams.

You awaken to the peaceful sounds of the lush Balinese rainforest that surrounds you. You walk to your morning yoga practice taking in nature’s music of chirping birds and howling monkeys playing in the treetops. As you roll out your mat your senses are overcome with the natural beauty that surrounds the yoga studio, perched high above the surrounding rice fields. Each morning, we will awaken our bodies through the practice of yoga and calm our minds through meditation. Afternoons are spent lounging by the pool, exploring Ubud, or seeking an adventurous excursion. In the evening we will return to our practice to unwind from the day. Build lasting friendships as you spend your late nights conversing about your day and enjoying freshly prepared Balinese meals.

– Namaste on Williams

Namaste on Williams on Lambda Lion

Soulshine in Ubud, Bali May 18-25, 2019

First I think it’s pretty amazing I’m staying in the Sound of Sunshine room. It’s where Musician Michael Franti (from San Francisco where Ben is also born & raised) wrote his song Sound of Sunshine. It boasts stunning views of the jungle and gardens with floor to ceiling windows. Brb, gonna go swoon real quick.
The other rooms can be found: here

Service Day

There will be a service day where we volunteer at a local animal shelter in Ubud (participation is optional). Since 2007, Soulshine has helped to support the Bumi Sehat Natural Birthing Clinic, an organization that provides free maternity and family health care to local Balinese women and children.

Where is Soulshine?

“It’s on an island where the sun always shines, where play is worshiped and prayers are danced.  Where wanderers, adventurers and soul seekers are transformed by yoga mats and solar powered DJ’s.” Take a look at the Soulshine Gallery!

What’s included?

7 Nights in an eco-luxury Balinese accommodations at Soulshine in the sacred, healing area of Ubud, Bali, plus MANY MORE details: here on Namaste’s website


Namaste on Williams + Lambda Lion
If you have been in the loop with who we work with, who we support, and Sami’s posts on social media – you will know that Namaste on Williams (aka NOW) is a studio we are close with! The curated energy in this space is unmatched, and while we support all yoga studios in general, it’s important to find your home away from home and this is one for us.
We recently joined forces on a project that will deepen the community togetherness particularly targeted towards the Williams, Mississippi, and Freemont districts of North Portland. Starting immediately, and launching within the next handful of months.
That’s about all we can say without spilling too many beans, however, if you follow NOW, Sami, or Lambda Lion on IG you might see some tidbits of details released as time passes. (Those links open a new tab for Instagram)

Closing Up

This retreat is worth the investment to give back to yourself, and also explore the forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs that is Bali, Indonesia. Knock out two birds with one stone and put your explorer hat on and your self care mat on the ground. Remember to find all the details on the Namaste on Williams website, and let them know if you have any questions! They’re also pretty active on Social Media, if Instagram works better for quick outreach.
We’ll see you on the mat, yogi’s!




30 days of unlimited Yoga for just $40!


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