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Today is March 18th, 2020, do you know what time of year this is? A crisis of COVID-19, a near-complete shutdown of across Oregon, our nation, and across the globe. While there is a lot of emotions to feel with our businesses (and sanity), we’re all trying to either catch up on our never-ending to do list, create digital content, rest for a minute, etc. 

But what makes all of this a little bit more tolerable? WINE! Oregon WineThe below list is mostly a curated list by yours truly, but many of them were submitted. If you don’t see a brand on this list, they either didn’t have anything under $30, were sold out, didn’t have a list of their wines online, I’m unaware of the brand, or didn’t have a clear answer on how to view wines.  

Now, by no means it the below directory an exhausted list of what’s available in Oregon, and it’s certainly not a complete roster of the respective winery’s offerings, however, I wanted to highlight Willamette Valley wines $30 or under, cost-efficient for the consumer during this crisis, and a little bit of online ordering visibility for my wine fam. From there, you can take a peek at their entire lineup. 

Consider your local Oregon Wine Region before buying imported wine! 


Things to note about this directory: 

  1. Click on each wine to redirect to the website, additionally you can click on the desired region below.
  2. These prices are completely controlled by the winery, prices are subject to change, always check the website. 
  3. Many of these websites have current covid-19 specials, like free shipping, half-off shipping, or other discounts. 
  4. Some of these wineries require you to email them, instead of online ordering. Those ones are noted, additionally.
  5. Pay attention to their individual shipping & pick-up requirements, plus any other notes about which states they ship to, many will ship across the country! 
  6. All links open a new tab. If you’re on mobile, consider opening it in a browser to acquire that convenience. 
  7. If you’re a winery who would like to submit your wine, or donate a bottle for us to taste (and maybe even put it on the podcast!), click here to send us a quick message!
  8. To listen to the audio episode I created after curating this directory highlighting wine website tips, GO HERE to the bottom of the page. 
Let’s get into it! 

urban pdx + lake oswego

gonzales wine company

et fille wines

Resolu Cellars

Love & Squalor Wine

hip chicks do wine

teutonic wine company

boedecker cellars


tumwater vineyard (west linn)

oswego hills vineyard (lake O)

fullerton wines

hood river

N. Willamette Valley

chehalem mtns

dundee hills

dobbes / wine by joe

ricochet wine

archery summit

stoller family estate

alumbra cellars

argyle winery

sokol blosser

remy wines

day wines

yamhill carlton

mcminnville + amity + Eola Hills

yamhill valley vineyards

r. stuart & co winery

maysara winery

varnum vintners

hundred suns wine

40:31 Wines

brooks winery

martin woods winery

elizabeth chambers cellars

keeler estate vineyard

eola hills wine cellars

salem + corvallis + dallas

left coast estate

Pudding river cellars

willamette valley vineyards

one love cellars

benedetto vineyards

Illahe Vineyards

thank you for reading!

If you’re a winery who would like to submit your wine, please consider sending us a bottle as a token of appreciation, if you can’t – that’s 1000% okay too. click here to send us a quick message! Please share this to your favorite social network.

(I own 100% of the rights to photos as the artist) 


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