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Oregon Wine country Spotlight

Wine lovers, rejoice! Varnum Vintners is bringing the tasting
to you with Flight Club + porch delivery. Allow us to introduce one of our favorite virtual happenings!

amity, Oregon wine Country

Varnum Vintners

A little bit about the duo behind Varnum Vintners: Taralyn and Cycler Varnum have enjoyed personally experimenting with new grape varieties and styles since they first settled in the Eola Amity Hills. After restoring their estate vineyard, Catalyst—located a short block from the iconic Brooks Winery, the pair has focused on aligning themselves with the great viticulture values of Willamette Valley. 


Varnum Vintners winery prides itself on more than a flare for vintage and vine though. The brand’s authentic, no-fuss approach to Oregon winemaking has been a breath of fresh air for local enthusiasts in recent years.


Raise your hand if there’s any other casual wine drinkers in desperate need of a happy hour? Not to fear, Varnum Vintners’ virtual tastings are our favorite new social event to date. Unlike the sought after CRU membership (which I’ll get into in just a bit—caps at 200 members) Varnums’ Flight Club is uncapped and bringing a whole new meaning to virtual tastings. 


What makes Flight Club different, you ask? Well, for starters—you won’t find any pinkies up over here. There’s a reason why Varnums’ motto is “Made to drink. Don’t overthink.” Flight Club isn’t a private club for aficionados; we welcome wine lovers of all experience and backgrounds.

Sami (of The Daydream Agency) has personally been a part of these tastings for weeks and she’s deemed them a personal fave. “They’re unique, they’re fiery and fun, casual, and gives you insight to upcoming brand info that you’d think only a brand ambassador or members would know!”

Featured in the MAY CRU release: 2018 YVV Riesling, 2018 Roncali Riesling, 2017 Pinot Noir, plus 2019 Brut Rosé (not pictured)

the first rule of flight club is...

tell all your friends about flight club!


Sometimes, working from home is no vacation. Reward yourself for all your hard work with weekly tastings at 6pm PT on your chosen day of the week for 3 consecutive weeks.


A variety of flights to choose from! Plus, receive a private zoom tasting with the Winemakers. Invite your friends and drink together virtually! Free local delivery, or choose to pick-up at the winery, inquire within.

flight club tastings

upcoming (virtual) events
for Flight Club Members

(Time Sensitive – information below may expire after a limited time)



Porch Wednesday Flight Club (May)

(3 consecutive weeks)



Müller Monday Flight Club (May)

(3 consecutive weeks)



Porch Wednesday Flight Club (May)

(3 consecutive weeks)


which flight is your style?

Each wine within the flight is considered one of the three consecutive weeks. Each tasting is essentially a private ZOOM hangout where Varnum talks about the wines, allow you to provide feedback, and ultimately just hangout and have fun during this wild pandemic time of isolation. At this time, each month changes. So check out the Varnum’s website for the most up to date info. 


Müller Monday Flight Club

2017 Sparkling Müller / 2018 Sparkling Müller / 2019 Sparkling Müller


Wine Wednesday Flight Club

2019 Porch Secco / 2019 Porch Pink / 2019 Porch Party (all sparkling!!!)


Rosé Sundaé Flight Club

2017 Porch Pink / 2017 Pinot Noir Rosé / 2017 Pinot Gris Rosé

do you enjoy pairing wine with exclusive discounts?

Then the Cru wine club membership could be for you!
Varnum Vintners opens up the vineyard’s limited production wines and new releases to Cru members at killer discounts, offering fans of the brand a chance to take their love for wine one step further. Capped at 200 members, Cru is fully customizable and divided into membership tiers to suit your sipping needs. The membership itself comes with complimentary tastings and invitations to all Varnum events. Of course, times are a bit different right now. Rest assured, the Cru is being cared for and this tasty membership continues to be well worth it.

varnum cru membership (wine club)

want to learn more about cru?

Cru Premier

6 bottles twice a year. / 15% OFF All Purchases. / Wine Selection is fully customizable. / Discounts on most events. / Access to limited release/library wines. / Complimentary Wine Tastings for you and up to 3 Guests.


12 bottles twice a year. / 20% OFF All Purchases. / Wine Selection is fully customizable. / Discounts on most events. / Access to limited release/library wines. / Complimentary Wine Tastings for you and up to 3 Guests.

life should taste as good as wine.

See you at Fight Club sometime soon?
When you attend, be sure say hi, and let us know which flight was your fave.
We can’t wait to toast with you! We’ll personally see you there. 


Emily Rudolph

Emily Rudolph

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