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Let the virtual events (still) reign! Join winemaker, Cyler Varnum of Varnum Vintners and Vicki, founder Bubbly Side of Life for a virtual Sparkling Wine Tasting on February 18th, 2021 at 7:30pm CT/5:30 pm PT

Oregon's Varnum Vintners + Bubbly Side of Life


This is an invite only Zoom event where you will learn all about sparkling wine and just what makes Varnum Vintners sparkling wine unique. We’ll be tasting the Porch collection of sparkling wine and answering all of your bubbly questions!

Note: If you add additional wines (other than the Porch series) you can get
FREE SHIPPING at checkout!

"Made to drink, don't overthink"



Virtual sparkling wine tasting

(3 consecutive weeks)

do you enjoy pairing wine with exclusive discounts?

Then the Cru wine club with Varnum Vintners membership could be for you!

Varnum Vintners opens up the vineyard’s limited production wines and new releases to Cru members at killer discounts, offering fans of the brand a chance to take their love for wine one step further. Capped at 200 members, Cru is fully customizable and divided into membership tiers to suit your sipping needs. 

The membership itself comes with complimentary tastings and invitations to all Varnum events. Of course, times are a bit different right now. Rest assured, the Cru is being cared for and this tasty membership continues to be well worth it.

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