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We love wine around here, and bet you do too! But are you confident when speaking about it? Or curious to know what your taste buds are dancing about? Sunday School Wine helps guide you on your journey, and we support them! Learn more below.

Join us for a virtual “Wine Explained Part 1: Tasting Wine” on April 11th, 2021 at 4:00pm PST

Portland Based | International Reach

Understand your palate
and experience wine differently

with Sunday School Wine

Let us introduce you to Sunday School Wine, some of our favorite people in the wine industry! Martin & Mallory behind the brand are truly super human people. They not only host the events, which went virtual in 2020, but they create their own criteria, their own well-done social media videos and content. And still manage to be fun in the Zoom classes!

The actual class is titled “WINE EXPLAINED PART I: TASTING WINE”, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see this series. How many times have you stayed silent during conversations about palate profiles simply because you couldn’t put a finger on what you were experiencing?
My guess: likely often. 

We’ve attended numerous SSW classes, (and even helped with strategy along the way!), so we can speak from experience about the quality and useful nature of their content.

Below are some pertinent event details, along with their website to signup! 

What you’ll learn 

  1. How to taste wine properly. Swirl, sniff, slurp etc
  2. How to pinpoint different flavors and aromas. That tip of the tongue stuff
  3. How to notice a wine’s acid, body, tannin, i.e. “structure.” And their meaning
  4. How to describe what you like without sounding “dumb” or “pretentious.” Speak to your local shop or sommelier with confidence
  5. Plus many practical tips

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Wine Explained part 1: Tasting wine

(Virtual Zoom – Members discount)


Sunday School wine
has a membership!

Most of their classes fall within the $30 to $40 range each, which is incredibly affordable for what you get. Their membership is $39 a month. Doing basic math here, four Sundays a month paid individually (while also losing out on other valuable content), is roughly $160. 

You’ll also get access to private winemaker tastings, early access class content, merch, exclusive discounts, etc. Oh, did I mention no sign-up fees? 

Try a class out and decide for yourself.

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