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A little story first ….

What exactly does Mental Health mean to you anyway? It’s different for me as it is to the next person, but I’m thankful there is such a day. Many of us, often don’t stop to think about ourselves – we go through life either catering to others, or simply ignoring the signs from our higher source on what we need to give back. 

So while today is what it is, let’s keep these practices close by every day moving forward, shall we? Great. Thank you for joining us today! Whatever day that might be, the fact is you were drawn here for some reason, so I hope you get what you need or be directed in the right way. 

Many of you know me, Sami, as the CoFounder of Lambda Lion. But if you’ve been with me long enough you’ll know that I have a very deep connection to Alternative Medicine, Spirituality, and Health Coaching. I won’t go down that path right now because that’s a whole-nother blog for y’all. In short, I was an athlete (and artist) for practically my entire life, and I’m 32 now. 

Finding Your Wealth

Most recently in life I walked a path where I wanted nothing than to become, and die, a doctor specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine. For those who don’t know, Ayurveda is the oldest system of holistic medicine and is the sister science to Yoga. It focuses on bringing our mind and body back to rhythms of harmony while solidifying our most fundamental baseline. 

Long story short, the universe gave me a fork in the road and guided me back to my entrepreneurship with the arts. I thought to myself, “How can I want something so badly, yet be steered away from it?”

My theory is this: My intuition, and higher source, led me to what I needed at that time in life knowing I would take that with me as my co-pilot for the future. 

See that’s the thing, intuition doesn’t always poke us that strongly. Often times it can be subtle like visions in our dreams, flashes of something odd in the middle of the day, serendipitous synchronicity, literal signs on the road or radio, and more. Has that happened to you? Have you stopped to actually reflect and understand what the message given to you actually means?

I can tell you this, many people don’t. I can’t speak for everyone but I can speak for the people in my direct network which happens to be large. Going 1:1 with people on a health & wellness crisis there seemed to be a pattern, especially as time goes on where people are constrained to “looking down” at devices. 

There’s a serious disconnect from what should be “Work/Life” balance. And it it doesn’t slow realign – we’re all in for a societal ride. 

There’s more and more suicides, but why? Is it that people feel so connected to this virtual reality that they feel that alone in real life?

Tell you what, no matter what it is – how about we all do our part in being a real life friend. To yourself, and to others. 

To move forward, you have to give back.

– Oprah Winfrey

Balance in Business

Whether you are in business as an entrepreneur, or you want to be – you are a powerful force. Each and every one of us has the power to create our own reality, but that means we are solely responsible for it. 

No on else. Just you. 

Speaking from experience, creating my third business, I’ve ran myself into the ground before – and guess what – it took a lot of digging to get out and back to ground level. 

Don’t confuse hustle and smart working with running yourself thin and weary. They are vastly different & usually can only be seen with a clear head.

In hindsight, holy hell it was not worth it. It felt as if it was in the moment, but no matter how successful I was – I knew I was not healthy, and after a while of ignoring signs (because It “won’t happen to me” mentality), everything shattered to pieces. I was so high, figuratively speaking – I had everything I wanted. But at the end of the day, it felt a lot like rock bottom. Relatively of course, because I’m realistic enough to remind myself that someone always has it worse.

It was a very dark time, but I leaned in on the people around me for support and kept pushing through the mud to find my strength. You’ll look back and say wow, I basically have super powers. 



Do yourself a favor and do these things:

… the list goes on my friends. Take what you need, give what you can. 

Balance fits everyone differently,
but numbers don’t lie

– Sami Sattva

Take Away

The point is my friends, use this World Mental Health Day as a reminder to take care of yourself, slow down, center yourself, and lend a and. There is such a thing as healthy selfishness, even though the word its negative – we shouldn’t ever feel ‘guilty’ for taking time off, taking time to enjoy life, smelling those roses, taking a break during the day, saying NO, and unplugging. 

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Thank YOU, for being here. Now go on with your glittery spirit and shine on! Share with everyone, thank you.


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