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Do you handle all development work in-house? How big is your team? How long have they been working together?
Yes, all in-house! We are essentially a full-service branding agency, with capabilities in all brand design (also for print collateral), photography, video, marketing strategies, content creation + content marketing, social media management, and PR. Our team is small and effective, 7 or less but not all of them are on each of the projects. Daydream was created when we moved to Portland in 2017, so we’ve been together since then. The work we do is not new, we’re pros of 10-14-ish years (no learning curves here)
Can you build the site responsive? (To make it work on mobile devices and tablets).
Yes! This is a standard of ours, all of our builds will be responsive on all devices and OS’s.
Can you design Logos too? If so, what is your pricing?
Absolutely! We can redesign, and start from scratch. We don’t have a cookie cutter cost, but the logos start at $400 will fluctuate based on complexity, usage of logo, etc. 
Is your content management system (CMS)/technology proprietary or open source? What types of licensing fees are there?
We use 100%  OPEN SOURCE, and all code will be yours. Licensing fees = n/a
Do you offer a warranty? If so, how long is the warranty good for?
We offer a 30 day guarantee to ensure there are no bugs or glitches, should they arise. Additionally and beyond that we have an optional website maintenance service of $119/mo that will allow us to be by your side to fix any errors, update programs, and make minor changes. You can add this on at any time and we recommend it for 6 months to 1 year. 
What is your: Maintenance? Hosting? What are those costs?
Maintenance & Safety plan = $119/mo, which includes all the safety features, backups, updates, tech issues, etc.Hosting plan = 100% controlled by your host of choice (ie: Flywheel, Inmotion, etc). 
How do you base your pricing? Will this be hourly, or flat-fee based on the project? How frequently do your projects go over budget? What is your payment policy? Is there a clear procedure for billing for extra features or work outside the project’s initial scope?
Fixed cost per project basis. In order to accurately quote we’ll need to discuss the full scope of needs in detail over the phone. 
We base our pricing on your goals, estimated time to develop the website, content as a whole on the website, pages needed, features needed, copywriting needed, etc. I (Sami) have been creating websites for over a decade and can usually calculate the length of time needed to create what’s being asked for while also asking the right questions in the beginning, thus, rarely going over budget. The only time a project ever went over was because the client had a family emergency and it delayed our communication by a few weeks. Another factor would be if the client changes directions at any point, which causes delays. Our payment policy is 50% non-refundable deposit due upon booking and the balance to be paid upon competition. We have offered other payment plans if needed. We offer digital payment methods, or accept company checks prior to be delivered by due date, made through a client portal or through an online invoice link. If extra features comes to surface, we’ll have another conversation to determine capabilities/time added to project/consequences etc, and add an addendum to the contract while offering “add-on rates” which are slightly discounted outside the normal costs. 
What is your estimated timeline to build a website?
We say generally: 60 days. It truly depends on the scope and what’s needed, and how much time the client has to communicate, and of course, complexity. 
Will I have access to all my design source files for internal use?
Absolutely. Anything the Daydream creates from scratch – the native files will be ours, (standard), but you will have rights to use them. If photos are taken, we ask that they aren’t manipulated in any way unless an extended commercial license fee is purchased. They’re given to you edited, though. 
How do you work to boost SEO? How do you track the success of your websites?
We build out what’s called a “site map”, and submit that to Google for increased visibility. Along with properly coding + optimizing the back end of all images, pages, descriptions, content, blogs, etc with appropriate key words and sizing. Additionally, providing a basic strategy for your websites content creation. 
How do you track the success of your websites? 
We measure our success by analyzing the current website and its associated metrics while determining what “success” means to you through KPI and conversion setting, then tracking it for 1-2 months post-launch via analytics export (which also ties well in with our warranty+maintenance plan). It’s optimal if the Website has at least two months of data currently collected. (Google analytics will suffice).  

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