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Styled (Visual)

Thank you for your interest in this production! We're thrilled you're here to learn more about our series of styled shoots. This page will go into depth about the content shoot and its vision.

A little bit about us: The Daydream Agency is a creative marketing agency who works with hospitality/food&beverage/tourism businesses on marketing, strategy, brand management, and commercial content such as photography and video.
With decades of media productions and creative concepts under our belt our primary goal in business is to bring your vision to life while exuding creativity for modern marketing.

Anyone can have a vision, but to extract it into reality and execute is an entirely different set of skills.

There is one thing you should know about why we are doing this. It is 99% designed to help you, and 1% for us. We encourage you to view this opportunity the same as you would if you hired us for your own session, but on a smaller scale and in a (curated) live group setting.
This shoot is not for us to make money, we genuinely want to give back.

APRIL 3rd 12-3PM


the purpose


The ultimate goal of this production is: To utilize our creative expertise and provide commercial brands & products with high production-value marketing content in a real-life (styled) setting, as well as being able to give back by investing our time and labor. This my friends, is what we consider part of our Creative Marketing approach. It benefits us all and allows people to gather in a genuine way, which means more brand awareness without even lifting a finger. Plus, it's going to be fun!

the concept


The concept is simple: The Daydream Agency is partnering with businesses to create a lifestyle scene in cozy, dreamy spaces to produce a cinematic media shoot (photos, videos, audio, etc) for the purpose of content marketing. Not only will we hire the talent, but we'll dress the entire scene with products from businesses that speak to the consumers of the hospitality, tourism, food, and beverage industries.
This is 50% a targeted advertising opportunity and 50% content creation.

Down to the nitty gritty, everything in the space will be curated, from what the models are wearing, to the decor, to the cutting boards used, to the knives, spices, glassware, food on the plate, beverages in the glass, to the bar tools, etc

Another plus: We are limiting the amount of businesses per category featured to keep as close to exclusivity as possible. So don't sleep on this 😜

View the Vision Board we created on Pinterest! Click below to browse all images and videos.

... keep scrolling for details on how to get your brand involved.

the how


All interested parties need to have their product delivered to us in Portland no later than 2-3 weeks prior to the shoot date. The sooner the better. If you opt in last minute your product will need to be overnighted. For those who are local, we will do our best to accommodate a pickup but you are more than welcome to drop off at our local office.

Taking into consideration that most of these products will be opened and used during the shoot, you can safely assume the products will stay with us.

the investment


We're happy to offer a variety of flexible and affordable investment options! Yes I said investment, this is your business and this production is another form of hiring professionals to create brand visuals for your brand, in addition to the organic ROI from the reach, impressions, and in-person brand awareness that will naturally happen. We'll be directing and shooting for at least a few hours, plus editing time, and post-event marketing efforts.

The opt-in costs for this shoot are offered as a fraction of our original creative service prices,
that are intended to help cover expenses. It's a steal for sure!

The package you opt-into will determine the yield in which is returned and how often your brand is mentioned and circulated. I truly believe there's something for everyone no matter how big or small your budget may be at the moment.

*Required: 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot.

  • The basics.
  • This package will yield 5 photos with your product as the focus or in focus
  • Depending on how often you post on social media or utilize other digital marketing methods, this is sufficient enough for 2-4 weeks of marketing content if integrated with other assets you have. 
  • Brand mentions in the promotion on social media up until the day of the shoot including social media stories
  • No video or post-event marketing mentions
  • (optional) *Add $75 for a social media paid boost
  • This package will yield 10 photos with your product as the focus or in focus. 
  • Sufficient enough for 5+ weeks of marketing content if integrated with other assets you have
  • Brand mentions in the promotion on social media leading until the day of the shoot
  • Video: Included in 1 post-event reel with mentions
  • 2 post-event marketing mentions
  • Included in our print/digital publication Ad efforts
  • (optional) *Add $75 for a social media paid boost
  • This package will yield 20 photos with your product as the focus or in focus. (sufficient enough for 8+ weeks of marketing content if integrated with other assets you have)
  • Brand mentions in the promotion on social media leading until the day of the shoot
  • Video: Included in 2 post-event reels with mentions + 2 story graphic promotion
  • 4 post-event marketing mentions
  • Included in our print/digital publication Ad efforts
  • (optional) *Add $75 for a social media paid boost

The works. The full gamut. From product focus shots during the shoot, to before and after shoutouts in post-event marketing, included in all our video clips and posts with logo, you’ll have our full support in any which way you need. This option will help us cover all costs out of our pocket and give you a huge marketing push.

  • Plus a dedicated reel of your product during this production
post-event marketing




As a creative marketing agency this project wouldn't be complete if we didn't market our creations post-shoot! 😜 With that said, marketing is literally the other half of this project, and we invite *you* to partake in this aspect as a good marketing practice. Practice that follow-up game. Get your products seen by more eyeballs and in return get more sales, and a bigger support system. We'll help with this by putting photos into marketing circulation through our networks. We also plan to advertise in local Oregon publications. That list of publications is TBA.

get involved


If you made it this far and are interested in this opportunity, let's boogie! The Daydream Agency reserves the right to decline any submission. We invite you to submit your information below to get a conversation started! From there we will send you the agreement, deposit link, then move onto logistics.

the daydream agency


The Daydream Agency partners with Hospitality businesses to effectively and creatively reach new heights through Brand Strategy, Creative Marketing, & Commercial Content.

Under those umbrellas, we specialize in Commercial Photography (with a lifestyle twist), Commercial Video & Audio, Marketing Strategies, Brand Strategy, Social Media Management, and Customer Experience Development. 

Our entire foundation is built on our founder Sami’s collective experience working with Startups to Multi-million dollar companies within the food and beverage, entertainment, and tourism industries for the past 20+ years all over the West Coast and across the nation. 

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(Mandatory). Please submit your information for review. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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