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The Herb Shoppe (THS) in the Mississippi district is an Herb Shoppe and Learning Center that boasts an array of natural products, teas, oils, tinctures, and plentiful opportunities to participate in their in-person classes. This month, we are featuring their January products + upcoming course series.
Below are the products they have curated plus a coupon for their herbal making series! Enjoy!

traditional medicine


Whether you are looking for pre-made herbal concoctions, blended teas, skincare, incense, or bulk herbs … The Herb Shoppe has all that and more in their shop on Mississippi! If you are local, purchase through the links below and at checkout > choose to pickup in store.  

Buy online > choose to pickup in store!

January Theme


Purifying | Cleansing

Each month The Herb Shoppe features a different theme to showcase their products. To kickoff the new year with a reset in mind, they’ve deemed DETOX to be a January theme. 

The DETOX KIT is designed to nourish and jump start your body with a 14 day detox!

Buy online > choose to pickup in store! Choose at checkout.

additional January Specials

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upcoming events +
featured course

Beginning in February, this program shows you how easy it is to create everything you need in your home. The power is in your hands to make the best decisions for your wellness! The more aware you are about what goes on and in your body and environment, the more exciting it is to learn how a few simple ingredients can be converted into all the products you need in your daily routine.

Learn how to make fundamental, at-home, organic herbal products. Click below to learn more. 

Make Your Own: Herbal Product Series

Get signed up for Spring 2020!! Early bird special= $100 off until January 31st 2020! Regular price is $450. Use Coupon Code Feb2020
Click below to learn all about this class series entails!



Botanical Bartending- Bitters, Honey, Alcohol Infusions, Oxymels, Syrups, Cordials, Elixirs



Infused Oils, Salves, Lipbalms, Candles, body oils, Shaving Cream



Cleaning supplies/Smudges

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