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Chris James Cellars

Oregon Winery | Tasting Room

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Project Date

1/2019 - Present

Primary Solution

Marketing & Creative Direction


Oregon Winery of the Year 2022

Creative Director

Sami Marquez

Name of project

Chris James Cellars

Chris James Cellars is an award-winning wine label in the Oregon wine country with two locations, and over 30 wines. Before they approached us they were hardly on the map in their industry despite having a fairly large operation, winery, and an impressive extensive portfolio of award-winners. 

They came to us seeking both Marketing and Creative assistance that enhanced their brand and matched their overall Brand feel of elegance. We provided a full take over that completely overhauled their entire Brand Image from Strategic marketing plans, to creative media, to giving them a once non-existent digital presence personality. 

Our biggest achievement with Chris James Cellars was their recent 2022 recognition of being award Oregon Winery of the Year for 2022, out of nearly 1,000 wineries. 

solutions provided

The complete rehaul ingredients

The Daydream Agency approached this project with a triple threat combination by providing in-house photography and video, marketing solutions, and creative direction for the main goal of increased revenue, and brand awareness.  

Pain Points | Solutions


A solution we developed on our own to that solved a major problem of “how-to” market such an extensive portfolio of 30+ varietals, was to take their Brand Visuals up a few notches immediately. We did this by implementing a ‘low production >  high quality’ weekly video that disseminated every Wednesday to feature  the weekly wine flight, which they did not previously have.

Additionally, they lacked community events that their competitors were excelling in. Our team took on a 40% role in developing personalized ‘Experiences’ that catered to 1,000 Wine Club members, patrons, and prospective members and brought in Strategic Business Partnerships and influencers for additional marketing and content which resulted in additional Thousands of dollars in bottle sales in one few hour event, followers on social media, newsletter signups, and more.

Most of all, Chris James Cellars ultimately didn’t have the knowledge of how to take their brand to the next level in terms of Revenue increase during COVID, Tasting Room location visits post-covid, and Brand Awareness of just how special their unique portfolio is to the audience that mattered most. 


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