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It all starts here. Without strategy, there can be no plan. Without a plan, there are no celebratory moments, growth, or sales. Learn more about our strategy packages for both Brand and Marketing. 

what's a strategy session?

When you're stuck, where do you turn? The drawing board.

Strategy sessions with Daydream are also called strategic discovery, or brand strategy, and can be conducted a couple of times per month depending on the depth of each session. Strategy sessions are designed to prompt deep thought to define goals that create forward momentum. Whether you are plateaued or need that next level, it all starts with strategy.

Especially in a year like 2020 where we’ve all lost count of how many times we’ve needed to pivot, strategy can really provide that clarity and put that fire back under that booty. 

everything you do now is for your future.

You may be asking, “What do I need strategy for? How would it help me? Or What can I apply it to?” To us, the answer is simple: For Brand and Marketing. Your brand needs a strategy as does your marketing. Heck, even your content does, but that’s for another conversation! 

Our strategy sessions allow for overcoming hurdles with plateaus, creative blocks, or simply just providing a sounding board that calls for a third party perspective. 

the process

Learn more about the low-key process of our strategy sessions

1. BOOK.

Open your calendar and look for some available dates! We strongly encourage they are not to be done on an empty stomach, and not during a time of day where energy is low or a time where you will be interrupted. If you see a date/time on the calendar, snag it. It’s open! At this time, Monday mornings are unavailable.


Hello, formalities! Step 2 is where we’ll transfer all of everyone’s terms onto a standard agreement for both parties to sign. In the same fell swoop, you’ll be given the options of payment methods. 

Online & offline methods are available.


Prepare for the session. We’ll send you an email 3 days prior to your session that includes what you need to bring and mentally prepare for. Traditionally, all you need is a notebook, your questions, and a general idea of what your goals are (the last part isn’t totally necessary). 

strategy plans


Please send us an inquiry to receive updated pricing and terms. We have standard packages available and an option to customize a package of your own. Every situation has different needs, but we will tell you this: having just one single session almost always inspires you to have a second session. There are no long-term contracts needed with Strategy, but we’re here for you if you need long term! Buy in bundles, save money.

Looking for Instagram Strategy?

Similar to our main strategy services, we also offer Instagram focused consulting and takeovers.
Learn more below: 

let's get you booked!

Choose the Strategy Session option, then figure out what day works best for you.

We’ll email you immediately after with the next steps. Be sure to give yourself at least 3 days prior to the session so everyone can prepare. If you don’t see a date/time that you need or that we discussed, send us an email at

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