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part 1 – 4.20.2020

Sami Sattva

Ello, love!

Welcome to part 1!

Hey all! I presume you are clicking through from my emails triggered from being signed up to this series, but if one of those lovely people sent this to you – here’s what you need to know!

The Instagram Essentials series launched at 8am on 4.20.2020. If you are interesting in being part of this series, I’d love if you signed up to get my emails relative to this program!


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listen to part 1

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A little bit about
stories on the palate …

Stories on the Palate is a podcast produced by The Daydream Agency, where Sami Sattva is the host. We primarily talk about the respective industries we cater to: 
Food and Beverage, Culture, and Wellness talking about all the events, delicious products on the market, and happenings around the industry, flavored with marketing and branding tips. 

Learn more about The Daydream Agency here

the daydream agency

Have a Question?

We are here to help you {almost} 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

Do I have to be an Oregon local to work with you?

Absolutely not, but some services require us to meet such as Photography and Strategy sessions. We’re based in Portland, and McMinnville, but are available for anywhere in the Willamette Valley area – outside of that travel costs apply. Available for travel, inquire within. 

Do you accept trades?

Trades won’t pay anyone’s bills, but we’re not completely opposed to it depending on what’s being asked, and if the trade is mutually beneficial. Don’t let this stop you from messaging us, just ask us 🙂

How long have you been doing this work?

Proudly, 15 to 20 years! Across the entire west coast. 

What do you charge for photography?

Please take a look at our Photography page for examples and costs. 

Do you work with small budgets?

Absolutely, we work with budgets of all sizes from small and scrappy, to multi-million dollar generating businesses dedicating 3k+ per month to creative services. 

With that said, we recommend opening up dialogue to share more about your needs to get a most accurate quote. 

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