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Listen to Wine Crush Podcast

A podcast based in the Oregon Wine Country that takes you behind the vine to chat with wine producers of the Willamette Valley.

Hosted by Heidi Moore, sponsored by Country Financial, produced and managed by The Daydream Agency. 

about wine crush podcast

Wine Crush Podcast has been in production for 4 years, with 4 seasons. November 2021 will start season 5. The podcast is hosted by native Oregonian Heidi Moore, who was born and raised in Tillamook. Her story with wine began with her primary career as an insurance agent pioneering the specialty in Wine and Agriculture through Country Financial. Fast forward to 4 years ago, she was approached by Portland Radio Project to start a concept, and a local wine podcast was born!

This particular concept is a conversational interview format with winemakers and winegrowers from the Willamette Valley (which predominantly consists of Oregon’s Wine Country.) Prior to 2021 the podcast studio was based out of Portland, but as The Daydream Agency became more involved with the media and marketing side of things, the end of 2020 we decided to take production into our own hands, and in-house.

our involvement with the podcast

The Daydream Agency originally became involved as the agency partner to help with branding, marketing, and content to take the podcast to new heights, and as mentioned, as we became more involved, the creative concepts Heidi and Sami came up with had a ceiling due to it being housed with a different broadcast radio platform, thus, we collectively decided it was best to build our own studio, and take over production at the new Wine Country Professionals office Heidi renovated in downtown McMinnville. 

Having more than 20 years experience with media production, we were confident that we could take the podcast to yet another new height with different ideas and a refreshed format. At this time, The Daydream Agency fully produces, manages, engineers, and publishes the podcast, as well as responsible for all media content and strategic plans put into place.

We’re planning to launch a spin-off podcast in 2022 that is a similar format, but on-location of our guests and heavier with the video production.  

post-recording photography

We couldn’t do this podcast without doing photography!! Before and after the in-person recording there is nothing short of photo ops between the wine that our guests bring, and the post-recording food that our food partners deliver.

Food and wine! You can’t go wrong. Biscuit and Pickles catering, and Pura Vida Cocina are both our food partners at the moment but we do intend on building more relationships with our industry partners in 2022.  

Below are a few of 100’s examples of what we get to enjoy after the show! Tune into the WCP Instagram to see behind the scenes @winecrushpodcast

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