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How many creative companies can say they've been designing and marketing since 2004, before the Digital shift? We can. Whether your brand is still an idea, thinking of rebranding, ready to kick your content marketing into high gear, or simply just need a new designer or photographer to partner with - we've got you covered at every angle. Our approach is elegant design meets high-functioning call-to-actions.

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Focus areas:

Focus areas:

creative development
modern branding options

To us, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter package that works for everyone, which is why we truly believe in customizing your own package. Thankfully, we’re flexible enough to give you a Name Your Own Price option as well. What that means is we work backwards, we want you to identify the capacity of your resources available and we’ll work within those parameters, within reason. We never want you to over-extend yourself, so knowing what your limits and boundaries are equally as important as our defined boundaries and baselines as well.

The following items are our full list of Branding capabilities, and what is available to you when you create your custom package. Let us know your needs, and we can create a package for you! 

Branding packages start $6,000 and vary to $15,000 depending on your needs. Individual services available, Contact us for a list of service rates. 

All of our packages and select individual services come with strategic sessions, in person. This is usually where breakthrough happens! We like to get real deep into space with this one.  We’ll apply the strategies for your brand as a whole, but also for the big umbrella that we call Marketing.

The messaging of your brand must match its personality, and how it speaks to your audience. If this part is not clearly defined, you could come across as confusing to what might have been a potential customer. Messaging, its voice and tone are included in all branding packages. 

Opt into an individual strategy session to discover your ultimate direction. View Strategy here.

Animated logos are not really our forte, but we crush it at modern logos with splashes of color. We’ll create secondary logos, icons, and source typefaces that suit your brand as well. 

Digital and print collateral such as business cards, stationary, envelopes, pitch decks, flyers, sell sheets, label and packaging, etc.

One of our highest producing services (aside from our commercial photography). We design for every industry from law, to wellness, beverage products, shops, and more. All web developments are integrated with SEO and focus on functional needs for acquiring leads and sales. All design is modern, responsive, and of course – elegant!

At the end of every Brand Design project we create what we call Brand Boards for you to walk away with. They are essentially a custom booklet that describes your brand messaging, its voice, colors hex codes used, logos, fonts used etc. 

Color palettes are created (or refined) in the beginning of every project. 

Now a-days, brands are able to take advantage of both Stories and Feeds on all social media which lends you the opportunity to create custom ads, flyers, etc. These are essential! We’ll create custom graphics for banners, event pages, landing pages, websites, IG/FB/Linked in etc. 

Imagery creates emotion to the viewer, so it’s only imperative that your brand is choosing the right visuals to bets represent its brand. We have in-house photographers to accommodate any style of need, but we really shine with Commercial Photography taken with a lifestyle approach. Ask us what that means! 

Available for > Products, Events, Behind the Scenes, Headshots, Interior/Exterior, Environment, etc. 

We really mean Digital Media though. Social media is just a piece of a bigger puzzle that all goes hand in hand. We’ll help you develop this area if needed, then strategize how this will convey across all digital channels including social media, email marketing, ads, website and print collateral. 

We offer social media management, too! Since we already have you content created for you, we are easily able to integrate a streamlined process to fire on all of your social medias. This part comes with Audience Engagement, Cultivation, Strategic Partnerships that may arise, and analytics tracking. 

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Branding is more than a logo

From a modern branding perspective, here at Daydream look at all aspects where the brand may be viewed by potential customers. Those elements are what we help to develop; from the design and feel of it all, to its voice and messaging, to its custom visuals with photography that fuels content marketing and even brand collateral, to building your confidence and processes behind the scenes for a better communication stream. 

Brand + IG Strategy
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Website design
Commercial Photo + Promo Video

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